And on to W2!

Just come back from W2R1, feeling good for it. I felt pushed, but not to the point of it being unmanageable, and it was a sense of achievement to have moved onto the next podcast! I'm not even too bothered about who sees me out and about anymore... am more inclined to give a jovial wave than dive into the nearest hedge anyway! Did anybody try doing the breathing thing? (4 steps breathing in, 4 steps out) I found that pretty difficult!


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9 Replies

  • Well done on your success. I have found a lot of Laura's tips useful but Ihave to say that the breathing thing didn't work for me either. I found it made me "overthink" it whereas I found quietly singing along to the songs helped more.

  • I am at the end of my 2nd wk 1 I am trying to get brave to try week 2. I find breathing is pretty crucial and it is difficult enough to do full stop...never mind counting! Jeepers...jogging and mindful breathing I am not sure my brainbox could cope...I read on here someone recommended chewing gum! I am afeared I will bite my tongue or choke! lol Keep up the good work :)

  • You can do it!! Honestly, it's not too much of a step up from W1, I think just bite the bullet and you'll be pleasantly surprised at yourself, week 1 sets you up nicely for it. :)

  • Yeah, I think I was overthinking it too (or maybe just don't have the brain capacity ;) ) - I will try again next time, but I find it difficult to count to 4 when it's not in time with the music!!

  • Specially the speedy techno/ guitar tracks...blimey they give me a sense of urgency! lol What are we like?

  • Well done on your run today.

    I couldnt get the breathing right either so gave up in the end but got my breathing under control my way in week three.

  • Well done Squiggles! :) I'm looking forward to starting week2 run 1 on Sunday. Is the breathing thing a tip Laura tells you on the podcast? Looking forward to listening to a different podcast next run, the same one was ok for 3runs but I got bored of it today! 0_o

  • Yeah, she starts to give you little hints on running technique, one of which is breathing. Good luck on week 2, it's exciting getting onto a new podcast (haha, my new excitement in life, next week's run...! :/ )! Keep us posted! :)

  • Going out to do w2r1 today and now intrigued to hear about the breathing thing!! I find that I count while I am doing the run sections. I now know that when I get to 70 I've done a minute. Seems to help keep me going. Bit worried that I've now got to get to 105 to manage 90 seconds but I'm ready to give it a go! Love reading all your comments. Great to think there are loads of people out there all going through the same thing!!

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