Couch to 5K

Where can I find the C25K running plan?

I'm sure I'm just being dumb but I have just signed up as my goal this year was to start running, its halfway through the year and I have not been very successful. I have found lots of questions / blogs about the different weeks but I can't seem to find the information about how far you should be running each week - can anyone help me with a link ?

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I didn't find it for ages either! There's a lot of stuff to read and the actual plan doesn't stand out that well I think.


What I suggest you do is download the podcasts, pop them on your mp3 player and go from there (you can find the podcasts on the nhs website). There are other programs that allow you to play your own music with timed intervals, but I found Laura really helped me through the first and second week.

Best of luck, and enjoy jogging!


Thanks for the help, I've managed to download them this morning so my jogging plan starts tomorrow


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