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I accidentally ran for 20 minutes!!!

I accidentally ran 20 minutes!!! Me!!!

Last night, I was doing week 5 run 2. I set off full of trepidation, very aware that this was the last run before W5/R3 and the dreaded 20 minutes. I found the first 8 minutes OK. I was a little out of breath but managed to get into my stride after a few minutes.

When I finished the 8 minutes and started walking, both calves/calfs (not sure of the spelling of this - that's how little I know about exercise - anyway it was the muscles on the back of my legs, not my baby cows!!) were killing - really burning. I did some comedy lunges during the 5 minute walk - I hope no one saw me as it was very John Cleese!

Anyway, once I started the second 8 minute run I felt lots better. I got to the end of it quite quickly (well it felt quick) and found myself thinking "I wonder what 10 minutes feels like?". So I kept running, figuring that I would then have done half of the dreaded 20 mins. Then I got there and thought "I wonder what 15 minutes feels like..." you can see where this is going .... So to cut it short, I had a little Forrest Gump moment and ended up diverting off my usual route at the end and ran for a full 20 minutes.

I can't believe it! I was truly gobsmacked. OK so my pace was appalling... I only covered less than a mile and a half in this time (which means I am heading for my 5k in a 50 minutes or something, but I will worry about that later) but I still did it!

I know there are lots of people going for the 20 minutes this week - I hope you all do great! :) :) :)

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That is seriously brilliant. Congratulations!!


Amazing - running because you wanted to ... bet you feel great.


Cutting the run down into chunks like this is what I do all the time, especially with the longer runs. It makes it all seem possible now; what a fab run!


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