Couch to 5K

W6 R2 *Done* :)

I struggled with W6R2, to be honest, but I remained focused and reminded myself that I'd ran for 20 mins on Monday.

I completed it and felt I could run some more after a little breather, but I didn't!

I think being out all morning watching for the Olympic Torch passing through where I live had something to do with my struggle because I'd only eaten breakfast (porridge) at 8.30am and I ran at 12pm. Maybe I was lacking energy.

Anyway less of the negative, I done it and now have W6 R3 to look forward to :-/

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I think we all have good and bad days, some we can put a reason to-others no answer! I do try to plan, but then chaos sets in and things are rushed so I just have to go and do the run. Mainly because I cant bear the thought of one week running into another. Youre doing great and good luck with the 25mins-I just did it this evening. Laura surprised me at the end.


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