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Wk 1 run 2 again!

Was quite hard to motivate myself today, I felt tired with a headache before I started. I would have felt bad for not going though so I went! I didn't die quite as much as I died last week. It is still a killer though. I feel really self conscious as I am about five stone over weight! My 'running' style is hideous and you can't really call it running. My face goes bright red and I hyperventilate! (Over twenty five years of smoking, I guess I am lucky to be here)! I must look a right one! I try not to bump into another living soul but it is inevitable. I am questioning why on earth I chose to run...or try to. I want to keep going for general fitness and weight loss. There is also something weirdly empowering in it. I would really like to run a little more convincingly and not look like a 'cardiac' issue! I think I may be repeating WK1 for a third time! Jeesh! :)

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Well done, the great thing is you're on the way. The podcasts are really well constructed to build on your progress but if you feel you want to do week 1 for a third time that's just fine. It's a lot more than sitting on the couch.


I did week 1 twice and still struggled but in the end I decided to move on to week 2 and guess what I did it, sometimes its just taking a chance, it wasnt easy but because I didnt know when Laura was going to tell me to run, walk etc it kept me going, give week 2 a go you can always go back to week 1, it doesnt matter how long the programme takes, at least you are doing it , good luck.


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