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starting again - at week 5

I graduated a couple of months ago but life has been crazy and I've fallen off the wagon a bit and have only been running about once a fortnight (whoops).

So here I go again, did week 5 run 1 this morning, 3 five minute jogs. It was challenging but managable so I am probably at the right point, rather than heading straight back into it I am going to repeat week 5 run 1 3 times, then week 5 run 2 three times before carrying on with the plan as noraml - this should help build up my stamina and fitness up again.

While it's depressing that I have let my fitness go and couldn't run for 30mins right now I am still pleased to be able to run for 5mins, much more than I could do before I started then plan!


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i get the impression that the base fitness improvement stays quite a while and doesnt take long to shoot back up to the highpoint reached. You will probably find that after a couple of runs you can run straight into week 5 run 3 without too much trouble.

Good luck :)


Thanks! good to know! xx


I am the same, really let my running fall by the wayside and it's depressing. I am going out today and just going to run until I've had enough!! We'll get there :)


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