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Newbie Alert!

Hi there.

I begin my journey tomorrow.

I have never been a 'runner' but see the health benefits and although I am nervous, I am excited to see whether I can stick to it and become a fitter, more active, me.

I hope so as I have put my name down for a 5k in August and I would really like to run it...fingers crossed anyway.

I have really enjoyed reading all your stories, and they helped me to finally pick a start date!

Good luck to you all..

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Welcome to the programme it really does work and you will feel challenged but also pround. Before I started the programme I could not run 20 seconds today with Lauras guidance and support from this group I ran 30 minutes in week 7 I just could not stop.

Let us know how things go.


Welcome, and good luck! I also started week 1 this week, 2 runs down and I'm hankering for the next - I honestly never thought I'd be saying that, even just a few days ago!! Keep us posted :)


Welcome! The hardest bit is the starting, so well done for taking the first steps. Your goal of 5k in August is a great one to have as it will keep you focused. Good luck and let us know how you get on :)


Good luck on your journey! You will find lots of support on here, it's a fantastic programme and you will soon be hooked!


Good luck, I started in April and am now on week six, I hadn't run since school over twenty years ago and I just ran for twenty minutes.

this program is amazing


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