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W4R1 - I can run for 5 minutes!

Just completed W4R1 and am really chuffed that I can run for 5 minutes. It really pushed me but once again, it didn't beat me. At the end of the 2nd 5 minutes run, when Laura said I had 60 seconds left, I upped my pace & really found my stride. Half way through the cool down, I decided to add another 5 minute run. It amazes me just how competitive I am with myself, I wanted to see if I could do it & I could! Booked a cruise yesterday, leaving 3 weeks today so will be running on the ocean waves for weeks 7 & 8 so that will be a little different. Tried on all my evening & cocktail dresses today, all the ones that were too tight a couple of months ago & they all fit so nicely now. No more looking like an over stuffed sausage. So the question is, do I run on the treadmill or the running track on-board? I normally run over fields and dirt tracks and I am worried that the track on-board will not be good on my niggley knees. Any advice? Has anyone else been on a cruise during c25K?

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You're already CRUISIN'! You sure cruised through that run! LOL!

Not had the pleasure of running on a cruise ship, but that sure sounds like fun! And your niggley knees may surprise you by that time and be (wait for it) ship-shape!

You'll look as svelte as that cruise ship by W7....good luck, and have a good time...

(O, and do let us landlubbers know how you do on board...)


Svelte is not normally a word I associate with cruising. I normally manage to put on 1lb a day. Hopefully the running will curb the weight gain this time.


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