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Technical failure!

Went for my longest run ever - got myself motivated and it even stopped raining, However I forgot to charge my mobile last night and the battery died less than 10 mins in so I manfully continued running with no music and no mapmyrun to tell me my statistics! Must have run at least 6km - maybe even further... but no map, time or distance! Still quite chuffed, but also a bit miffed!

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I get a lot of technical failures-I have got a new garmin forerunner watch, but I think it might be interfering with the runkeeper app on my phone which regularly credits me with 2k of distance just as I start running which then makes my overall speed about 30k/hour!!


I'm still on the learning curve of my Garmin Forerunner 110...but I had the ole' stopwatch failure thing (doesn't help when you drop it) two runs in a row...that prompted me to get a better method. Congrats on finishing your unintentional mini-marathon!


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