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Delay in starting week 9

Today i should be running week 9 run 2, but have has to rest as both of my knees are hurting. From my previous blogs you would know that i normally run along the flat seafront, but due to the strengh of the wind last Saturday went to the park instead and ran it again Monday.

Now the park is not flat and the path is not in a straight line so im thinking bends and hills could be the reason my knees hurt.

Anyway as soon as i can i will be starting week 9 cause i want my badge!

Have a good run everyone i will be thinking of you all

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Hi icandothis .... well you are not alone as I too am on week 9 run2 but my right knee is really giving me grief! and that is putting it mildly :(

I have got to wait until the knee allows me to continue ... am a bit disappointed but at the mo even walking is a pain at times.

I am going to get it checked out before I continue. I wish you well and lots of luck! :)


Thank you and i wish you all the best to. i had my gait analysed today and found i have been running in the wrong shoes! so hopefully i will be pain free the next time i run, just going to give it a couple of more days before i start again.

I will look out for your graduation blog, hopefully it wont be long for either of us :)


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