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Great Programme - I'm Hooked

18 months ago I was diagnosed with epilepsy lost my driving licence for a year and now have to take drugs for the rest of my life. A side effect of the drugs is weight gain and that wasn't too bad when I had to catch the bus or walk everywhere but since having my licence back the pounds have kept creeping on.

I have two children, work and a husband who is away a lot, so joining the local gym or signing up for exercise classes just never happened and didn't fit in with my lifestyle.

Have regularly gone walking with a friend but decided one day when she couldn't join me to up the pace and try jogging - HATED IT !!!!!!

Came home and found C25K have started gently and have repeated some weeks so although just completed Week 5 Run 2 have been doing it for 6 to 7 weeks. I can honestly say I am loving it. I like that I can go out for half an hour when I like (even leave the kids at home, they are old enough), costs nothing and I feel fitter. Already looking to join local ladies running group and local 5k park runs.

Looking forward to the challenge of Week 5 Run 3, although a little nervous - I'm leaving that one for tomorrow.

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Thats great. After years of signing up for gyms... then paying a fortune and stop going etc ...I have so loved the fact that I can pick and choose when I can do this - to fit round work / kids / life !! etc..and its free !! .And since graduating about a month ago I still look forward to getting out there ...So it must work if I have kept to it!! Good luck with that next run !


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