Think I'm hooked!

After a boring training day at work I spent my journey home umming and erring whether I could be bothered to pull on my two sports over the shoulder boulder holders (yes two) and the rest of my running gear. I'm so chuffed to say I did and I've just done W4R2 with ease (what's that about?) - think I'm now hooked!!! Thank you C25K as although I'm not losing weight I'm changing shape and feeling so much happier!

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  • What sports bras are you using?? Surely you should need one or it will get quite hot??? X

  • I just feel more secure with two! It means that I know only my bum is wobbling as I run along! X

  • It doesn't matter how many bras you use or how much you wobble - just that you are out there running. Good on you!

  • Made me smile, that was one ofy Dad's favourite expressions when he ever needed to speak to me about bras (which wasn't often, thankfully! ) Being in the well endowed end of the spectrum I recommend shock absorbers, they're very supportive but a bit mono-booby, but better that than black eyes/bruised knees! ;-)

    Glad you're enjoying the program, it's the best thing I have done for years! :-)

  • For a minute there I thought I was going to have to go to Kwim Fit for a fitting! Will have a look for one this weekend I think. Just need to work out what to do for the bum wobble! Lol. X

  • Not being a 'lumpy jumper' myself I can't really comment, but as I have quite pronounced 'moobs' due to hormore imbalance, I can appreciate that you want the support, but my wife is a firm believer that one really good sports bra is all that is needed or you get very hot and sweaty. I must admit that I do wear a bra myself as I do wobble all over the place and it hurts!! :~( If you see a bald, 50 year old struggling with straps whilst running, just ignore me and carry on - I will master these devices yet!

    I have tried compression tops, but I find those are too restrictive.

    Good luck, and long may your addiction last!

    Happy running.

  • OK, this is the moment I admit to wearing big, tight pants to stop the 'other' wobbles, but have to be careful as to which trousers I wear as one pair slides down when I run and it can never be too dark in the morning for this to be ignored!

  • Hahahaha - I loved this conversation thread. I don't know about the bum wobble (don't think there are bras for bottoms) but for the top half - Bravissimo are wonderful with an excellent fitting service too. Give them a go :)

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