Couch to 5K

Week7 run 3

Week 7 over, still can't believe i am doing 5k already cant wait for week 8 and then week 9.

i am still managing 5k in 28 mins, not looking forward week 10 when i start 5k to 10k programme, i think that will be a challenge for me.

i am still hoping to eventually be able in 6 months being able to run 3 times a week 15k which is only 9.3 miles before i begin to train for 2013 Edinburgh Marathon.

These last weeks have flown by and when i started i didn't think i would keep it up and enjoy it so much. i am glad i started this this my only regret is that i didn't start in sooner,(like about 20 years ago when i was slim).

i even enjoy running the the rain, this is definative proof, that i am now totally insane.

anyhow time to go i need food.

cya later guys

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Hi Mikey

Well done !!!

I will be starting the week 7 on Sunday and I am also looking forward my training for the 2013 Dubai Marathon.

About regretting you did not start earlier, don't even mention it ! It is never too late, i just started myself too and I am 44 years old ! I realised that I have been loosing weight on the days I am walking while during the running sessions I am getting fitter !

Keep us posted on your progress for the marathon !



Great job to you both! I just finished this run and am ready for week 8. Bring it on!


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