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Gear for running in rain?


Just seen the forecast for Saturday and it looks wet! What do people wear in heavy rain? My sweatshirt top will just get sodden. Options might be to go for some of my walking gear - Goretex outdoor type jacket or a softshell type fleece. Alternatively accept I'm going to get wet and wear a "technical" top?

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Yup, gonna get wet. I like running in the rain, helps regulate temperature. A peaked hat is a good idea, especially if you wear glasses. Always useful when you can see where you're going!


I dont have any proper wet weather gear so I will be getting WET! I like running in the rain but I do wear a woolly hat! :)

Do NOT follow me on this one. On one of my first runs I was wearing a normal t-shirt and it suddenly belted down. White t-shirt went see through - luckily modesty preserved by massive coverage given by black sports bra (not a good look)!


I find with the wicking materials, even if you get wet, you don't really get cold (unless you stop and stand around), so I usually just get wet.... I find it's preferably to getting terribly sweaty in waterproofs - I worry more about the ipod in the rain than myself!

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As regards the ipod; I've been looking at ways to get GPS on the ipod. There is a case that is waterproof and has an GPS chip by the company 'Magellan'. Cheapest price I found was on the magellan website at £89.99 with £7 postage.

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If you look on Amazon (for example) for 'wrist wallet', you get various little gadgets to carry things from about £2.00. I don't know which ones are waterproof or big enough but there might be one there. I bought a little wrist wallet in France for under 5 euros (about £4) and I can carry my ipod and keys in it and keep them dry.


A good set of wicking kit is a safe bet. Fundamentally accept you are going to be wet but these materials handle moisture well so they don't hold the water and get heavy and uncomfortable.

I am not sure I would want to run in my waterproofs.


I don't have any technical stuff but I wear a thin long sleeved t shirt and I have a pac a mac which is really thin that i wear too :) I don't even really notice that I'm wearing it and it helps with wind chill a bit as well

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Also because the pac a mac is so thin I haven't notice sweating being a problem if I only wear one layer under it


The last time (and first time!) I ran in the rain this week I just wore a thin T shirt and leggings and was soaking wet but fine. I'd definitely not wear any plastic because I find myself warming up nicely after a few minutes. I'm heading out tomorrow morning and it'll be a repeat performance, but I really quite enjoyed it.


You really wear a sweat shirt ! oh heck I just wear a T-shirt Dri-Fit (and running bottoms of course) maybe it's my age but I feel so hot when I run that I feel like I will spontaneously combust so I take the rain as an advantage. I usually end up with steam rising. Hope you manage to sort your running attire before your next run. Good Luck.


Love running in the rain, it poured heavily with rain today and it was great run. I wear my 'muddy fox' cycling jacket and its great I don't feel hot in it at all.

Put my i pod in a plastic bag inside my pocket and have no problem that way.


I'm with the 'get wet' camp here. Accept you will get wet and it's actually enjoyable. I just wear normal wicking running stuff and it's not too bad. Will look into getting cap though as that's a good plan.

What I really like about running in the rain is the camaraderie as you pass other runners. There's a special kind of 'we know we're slightly crazy but it's good, isn't it' acknowledgement that really boosts you.

I find it's the going out for the 5 min warm up walk that's the tricky bit - that's when I think I look crazy!

Enjoy it. :)


always shorts and a quick drying wicking top. Never been too cold or hot as long as i keep moving. Keeps the extra weight down too.


In the event I ran in my trusty old Berghaus I keep in the back of the car. At 8deg with a 20mph wind blowing the rain at me direct from the North Sea, I just couldn't face stripping down to a T-shirt. Didn't get too hot and on the back 2k with the wind behind me opened the double zip to the middle for more ventilation.


I got soaked today in a running jacket - not waterproof(!), wicking t shirt and jersey jogger bottoms. The t shirt was great and didn't feel too heavy, the jacket got soaked but was fairly light, but the jogger bottoms were pretty waterlogged and hefty to run in so I think I'm going to get myself some proper running leggings as I reckon my joggers will also be far too hot if the sun ever does remember to shine!

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