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Graduation run after some procrastination

i got to W9R2 over a week ago and had been putting off the final run. My excuses were sore knees, a weekend away, 2 days in London with work etc. Actually I think I just didn't want to finish the programme. Since starting C25K I've done 4 Parkruns and a Race for Life so I knew I could do it. However I decided the time had come to get on with it and ran my usual route tonight as the final run. It's now a bit short so did a couple of laps of the school playing field running track and an extra loop at the end. Even managed a bit of a sprint (OK a slightly faster run) in the final minute.

Came home and went for a shower to discover I'd forgotten to check if the boiler was on and there wasn't any hot water. After 10 secs decided that taking up running was one thing but cold showers were a step too far and I really wanted a nice hot shower as a reward. Ended up starting cooking dinner in a towel while the water heated!

What next - I will probably do the Parkrun again this week. I've set myself a target of 30 minutes. Need to think about how to keep motiivated and making sure I fit in at least 2 if not 3 runs a week. Might also look for some new routes.

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Well done you! Thats brilliant - and what a speed! You must be thrilled. Its very impressive that you have already done 4 park runs.

I do hope you got your warm bath in the end - you really deserve it! :)


Set your sights on one of those nifty red 50 Parkrun T-shirts and/or join a running club ... thats my plan for when I graduate from here. I fancy the idea of becomming a Parkrun Tourist too participating in Parkruns at different locations.


If you are doing the trip to Frimley say hi!


You might be interested in the post from LauraStQ today about the new podcasts coming out end of July.


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