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W8/R2 - Adventure in the rain

I went out at round 7pm. I wan't home earlier, otherwise I would have been able to dodge the rain! I saw the black clouds gathering during the first five minutes and thought I can make it through the rest of the run without getting wet. Just in case I had put a plastic bag over the phone on my armstrap and took the jacket. And sure enough, at the half-time announcement (I ran with Laura again) it started to rain. I took on my jacket and thought "Hey, I now I'm wet. I can go on." Lucky for me, the second half of the run was through a wood and the rain wasn't too heavy there. I made it to 23 minutes okay and was surprised that there were only 5 minutes left. But that was also very good, because I started to get blind because of the rain on my glasses. Running is clearly better when you know where you put your feet! ;)

At minute 24 the stitch started coming with a vengance. It had to stop and walk for a bit. I as annoyed, but not as much. But at minute 27 I started running again. I didn't want to walk the way back on the street without a cover from the rain and it was raining very heavily by now. So I ran for two minutes or something, walked again as the rain lessened (is that a word? ;)). I saw the house... and the rain started to get heavy again. A sprint (fun! Haven't done that in ages) to the door and I was done.

Technically I made the 28 minutes (I think), but not in one go. I blame the rain and the stitch. Otherwise I would have easily made it. I'm still surprised how relatively easy it is to run for such a long time now. I bet this feeling will not stop, even if I manage to run 30 minutes regularely at some point.

PS I think I see why some people like running in the rain. It is kinda fun. Wouldn't my glasses get wet and wouldn't I worry about my iPhone getting wet and dying I would do it more often!

PPS My jacket? Not waterproof! lol

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Bless - a dripping vision wrapped up in plastic bags and a useless coat! You are braver than me - stay in the dry runner - don't go out if its wet, but I do just about manage to run when I need to. I find just slowing down helps with the stich - and there are some chains of thought that it may be due to lack of fluids - but not the "out of the sky" type!

Anyway I think adding in all the necessary sprinting you can defo count this as the 28mins plus. Pat on the back, warm drink/bath and pray for better weather for next time, although looking at our forecast for the next few days I am going to be cloud dodging too!


today was my first day in the rain and once I got past the soaked was great. I was wearing my contact lenes so it was nice not to have to worry about the glasses! I did find however that I was running faster (to get home sooner) and even ran up a hill I previously would only walk up. It all caught up with me and I ended up walking...but it was actually a great time out in the rain. Made me remember wonderful times as a kid at camp! Congrats on the 28 minutes!! (It counts!!)


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