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6 weeks rest. Just like starting again!

6 weeks rest. Just like starting again!

So, after a weekend of festival dancing, alcohol, burgers and heartburn, i decided to get back to it. It's been 6 weeks rest with only a couple of tries in between. My shins still hurt but if i dont start again then i might as well not bother with this 10k run (will be a walk now!).

Headed off after school drop off. Woods were muddy so i tried a different route, which was good but very tiring. Lots of ups and downs. Ended up walking and jogging for 50 minutes so i feel like i've really done some work. I'm going to do some more stretches now and have a shower. Hopefully my shins wont have me on the Tramadol today! If they do then i'm just going to go back to the GP and demand a scan or something. I've attached a photo of the new part of my route today. Lovely jubbly!

nicky x

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Well done on getting back to running, I know it can be tough sometimes after a break! That's a brilliant photo as well, I'm a bit jealous of your route :P


Well done on running again.

I'm off with a groin injury at the moment.....10 days without a run...and I blimmin hate it!

Your blog has stopped me being scared I'm going to have to start all over again!

Also, like frazzles, very jealous of your route! Good luck :)


ooh Gypsydepp, it's SO frustrating isnt it! I did more walking than running but i figured every little helps. I didnt have the c25k on, just some music that i like to sing along to and i ran when i felt up to it and walked when i was tired. Shins arent as bad as i thought they would be. I'll try some more on Wednesday.

Good luck with your jogging, take it EASY!!

Frazzles, thanks! i love where i live. Having moved here from the depths of East London, this place is like paradise!!


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