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re garmin forerunner 110 - please read if you have one


im seriously thinking of getting a GPS watch and after a quick peruse of the models available (and prices) its looking like the garmin forerunner110. From reading other questions / blogs I realise lots of you have this watch and are happy with it. i'm not sure whether to go forthe one with or without the heart monitor....

If yours is the one with the heart rate monitor, how does it work? do you have to wear the body strap or does it pick up your pulse through the watch or band?

cheers for reading, i really appreciate you taking the time to read and respond

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I have the ladies one and it came with the heart monitor in the price. Having said that I havent used it but I think it is a seperate band you wear. The garmin and iPod are enough for me to worry about but I know that others do find it useful.


Yes you wear the monitor,just under your bra and the watch will detect it, i wear mine every time i run, i dont know im wearing it


I bought the 110 with the heart monitor but have to confess have never worn the monitor in two years. I keep meaning to but usually just want to get out there and can't be bothered to spend the 20 seconds or so putting the band on.

Couple of points on the Garmin - it can be a bit temperamental to charge. For some reason the connectors sometimes don't want to connect. Also, mine takes an age to pick up the GPS. Can be a bit annoying when you just want to get going.

Love getting the info though & think it's the best option for the price.


I've got one with heart rate monitor but never used it! I agree the charging can sometimes be a bit fiddly but mine does pick up the GPS really quickly. Don't think it ever takes more than a minute

I absolutely love it! I never go out without it and genuinely think it has made me a better runner/jogger/fake runner

get one, you won't regret it x


I'm using runkeeper on my iPod, she tells you at intervals how fast you are going and whether you are reaching your target pace and you can view where you have been and your stats on the runkeeper site. Is the watch better than this?


Surely you need an iphone for runkeeper as the ipod doesn't have GPS?


yes, sorry, I mean my iphone! Silly me!


many thanks for all the replies, I actually came across a really thorough review for this and I think I will get it. I'm thinking for the difference in price I might get the heart monitor one. At least I have the option to use it, and i think it will mean I am more focused about improving pace etc. Though I know I have to get through the program first!

MaryAB - just to say your comment about running/jogging/fake running made me smile. When I bought my trainers recently i made a similar comment to the man in the shop. his reply was to say if you're going faster than walking speed, you are running! He was pretty clear its not jogging!


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