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thought i would ask this here rather than in blog

I have hit a dilemma I go on holiday beginning July when I should be on day 2 of week 9.I started week 6 today and I normally run 3 x week. I could strictly run every other day instead I will then finish the day before I leave fabulous. This unfortunately adds pressure as I have no leeway. I know I can run on holiday but I use a treadmill and found outside running much harder on the knees.

How would you cope with this aim to complete every run find a treadmill in Ireland or miss a rest day and go for day 2 tomorrow.

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not sure from your post but if youre due to sart a new week tomorrow i wouldnt miss a rest day. if i were you i would try to carry on as normal but if you usually run every other day i would try to do just the three especally if youre worried about the impact of running on road/path.

there may be somewhere you can run on softer ground though, like through a park? this might be less impact on your knees. you could try to find a treadmill , but if this would adversley affect your hol (spending time finding, joining a gym etc) i probably wouldnt bother. or you could have a week off the programme?


I did the whole of week 9 on holiday. It was in Morzine and I was supposed to be skiing. I hated skiing and thankfully had packed my trainers. Absolutley loved it and ran despite the cold/ snow/ice!!


Thanks for that I will certainly give it a go on holiday as you say there are lots of beaches to run on.


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