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went out on run 2 week 8 today but didn't complete in fact total failure didn't even run for 10 minutes before i felt ill again. I'm fed up of feeling sick during my runs and just wish i could run without it. Its making t hard for me. I really need help to get back on track struggling with the long runs. Need to get myself motivated again thinking maybe need to go back to some shorter runs again. Don't know what to do with myself at the moment feeling so disappointed in myself

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Well, first of all, I did that run today too. It was definitely the hardest for me so far. I long for those walks we used to get! I dont feel sick on my runs so Iam sorry I cant help you there. I run incredibly slowly, more of a plod and I go early enough that I dont eat beforehand. I take a glass of water to bed and that lasts me throughout the night.

Dont think that everyone else on here finds it easy. I have been told by my family many times that I shouldn't keep comparing myself to others on here, when I read out successful blogs!

I think we just need to be realistic. Iam very overweight, and haven't exercised since school (Iam 49) but this will make us healthier. I know my limits and I feel I reach them each time I run.

You are so very nearly there :) Do you have Race for Life or 5k you could aim for?

It is HARD now, and I ache a lot, but do you remember that person who struggled on W!? Well that was you then and this is you now. Struggling a bit but on W8 instead!

Good luck! :)


You are not a failure in fact the complete opposite. Like hollyO, I cant help you much with the sickness but just to say I felt sick during week 2 which was probably due to not hydrating properly or eating a banana just before the run! It repeated on me all the way through! Since then I just have a drink before I run but nothing to eat - this suits me but does not suit everyone. If you are struggling with the long runs it might be an idea to go back to shorter ones just to build up your stamina and confidence but more importantly your motivation. Dont be disappointed with yourself just remember how far you have come. You will get there in the end. Keep positive and keep blogging so that we can support you through this difficult time. :)


I found that I cannot eat or drink anything within an hour of the time I'm going to run, and then only toast or maybe a bagel. Hope you get it sorted soon...good luck.


The only time I have ever felt sick exercising is when I have totally over-done it and reached the limits of what I could do, also I find this happens if I have an early morning run having eaten nothing before I go out. Now if I have to do a morning run I have a small glass of milk first - just enough to keep me from running out of steam. You are not a failure just having a tough few runs, once you have built up a bit more stamina you will perk up again


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