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Week 3 day 1 > It's all going to plan, almost :)

Just started week 3 in my 'doing c25k again but quicker'.

If i remember correctly, first time around week 3 was the week i moved from a very pedestrian 6.5kpmh run to 7kmph, it seemed incredibly hard at the time.

Today i did week 3 run 1 at 10kph and it was as hard as the first time! I forgot just how useless the music is and how it *doesnt* help pass the time.

First ninety seconds went well, then the three minute run seemed to last forever. The second ninety second run passed by quickly. The final three minutes seemed to drag on, a minute from the end i decided to up the speed (again) just to alleviate the boredom. Pumped it up to 13.5kph, which i maintained for about thirty seconds needing to drop right back down again to 10kph!

So far i am able to keep at that 10kph ish pace. When i move to week 4 i hope i can keep it. I do find the speed significantly harder!

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Wow, congrats on keeping up the 10kph pace so far!


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