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Week 7 completed

As I sit here with a healthy post-run glow (well, I like to fool myself that's what my beetroot red face resembles) and a slight ache in the calves, I am still chuffed that I can run for a whole 25 minutes. Week 7 has actually taken me more than a week, what with Jubilee celebrations and all. But...the end is in sight. Still doing nothing like 5k, but the programme has given me the confidence to believe I will eventually get to that. And that's half that battle, I think. :-)

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Iam nowhere near 5k either but we will get there, and for me, it will be s l o w l y ! My confidence has grown too and I have entered at Race for Life and Iam content that it will take me a lot longer than 30mins!

Go us :D


Well done, I dont run anywhere near 5k either so my race for life will take longer im aiming for 37 minutes- not quite sure how i will run for an extra 9 minutes yet but can remember not knowing how i would ever make 90 secs :)


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