Couch to 5K

Epic Fail on W4R2!!!!

Well......this evening I've had my first bad run to be more precise! :-(

I'd gone out in a rush without stretching, without water and an ipod teetering on the brink of battery life (that was the epic fail!) after a 5am start with work and after a pretty full on Jubilee weekend celebrating, eating and obviously drinking a little more than I would have liked.....I got into the first of the 5 min runs and my legs just stopped!! They said "Jane, you are going no further tonight my lovely!" so I thought if I walked through the rest of the podcast waiting for the 2nd set of 3 minutes to try again, I might just be able to get back into it. But still no luck! So I took my sorry backside home......

Deflated is not the word! :-(

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Jane, forget this one and repeat it tomorrow. Keep The Faith Sister!


Alcohol kills me for days after drinking energy wise. I now don't drink the night before a run and have cut down. Just wait till you feel better and go again. I did the same over indulgence folly last Monday and paid for it today on my run too.


Thanks all :-)

I'm definitely back out tonight and I am not to be beaten!


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