Couch to 5K

Week 6 run 2

Today's run, hmmm, a few days of jubilations I perhaps shouldn't have had! I planned on going this morning first thing and managed to get gone at almost 6pm! I did ok but I really can't go mad, I did the run at a decent pace so job done, despite a few little hiccups. The first hiccup, obviously the time delay, the second, I forgot my knee supports so my right knee is a bit iffy but it'll be fine, knocked my run down to 8kph instead of the usual 9 to make sure I didn't over exert it. Third hiccup, knocked the flipping emergency stop cord on the treadmill in my cool down walk so lost the data from my workout, I'd been looking so I guessed and think I was fairly accurate, not exactly the end of the world but still grrrr!

Next run 25 mins on Friday and it's all running from here, nervous? Yes big time but I've got this far....

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I did week 6 run 2 tonight at 6pm too! It wasn't my best run either but we've both done it! Fair play to use for getting out there - Roll on Friday and graduating in just 10 run's time! :D


I did week 6, run 2 today too. Hopefully i'll be doing the 'biggie' 25 min run on sat morning on a cruise ship as we approach somewhere in the Netherlands.

Well done to you both! :)


I redid week for a couple of weeks before going onto week 7. I've just now (yesterday) finished week 9!!

But I am sooooooo slow! But very pleased with myself.


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