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W2R1 on a rainy Sunday morning

For someone who doesn't normally get up until midday on a Sunday, after having breakfast in bed, I am proud to say that W2R1 was completed by 9am. Never thought I would be running for 90 seconds this time 10 days ago. I loved running in the rain although I forgot that I had faked tanned last night and it did sting my eyes bit. My unfit husband came too and walked the dog whilst I ran but the dog ran with me. I think hubby was impressed but unforunatly not inspired. Just off for a lovely long shower while hubby cooks me a slimming world "fry up" the run was great , pushed me but not as hard as I was expecting it to be. Roll on W2R2.

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It was nice out this morning (not the weather) a bit drizzly but really quiet which I love. I have a new route takes me through a little stereotype English village which is all jubilee bunting and they were setting up for a village party party on the green by the cricket pitch which looked nice, shame about the weather.

Its funny that moment when you realise you like running in the rain isn't it?

Have a nice breakfast.


I don't know if I enjoyed it because it made me feel virtuous and committed or that it kept me cooler. Maybe a combination of both. Breakfast was great, the wet, smelly dog is not. It's lovely to see all the bunting up, makes me proud to be British. Reminds me of 1977.


for me its the second really but I pretend to myself its the first :-D


I know what you mean, I think I might be turning into a morning person! Got up yesterday at 7.30 to do W2R1 but it was hammering it down, so didn't go, but got out at 3 pm, it was light rain and I enjoyed it. Two success, running in the rain and when people might be around...


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