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W2R1 on a chilly but sunny morning


Hi All,

I just did my first run in my second week. I think I ran for more than 90 seconds on two of the intervals as my screen kept locking...oh well. However, I felt some pain at the bottom of my leg, but that might be from a previous injury or has anyone experienced this.

I’ve completed the run on this chilly but sunny day which am very proud of.

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Well done getting another run done. Previous injury can be aggravated but we can’t really say that’s what it is... that could need checking out by a professional if it’s causing too much discomfort.

In general, avoid landing your foot on your heel and leg pain will reduce. Land your foot flat and under your body for an efficient and more comfortable run.

Hard surfaces also make a difference... running on grass is gentler on the legs than running on pavement.

You may need to go to a specialist running shop and have gait analysis... especially if your previous injury needs extra support.

Also do strengthening exercises on joints during rest days... and stretches after a run certainly help.

Jojo24 in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you so much for the advice.


We all get new runner niggles. Just go very slowly 🙂👍

Jojo24 in reply to misswobble

Thank you for your words of encouragement.

misswobbleGraduate in reply to Jojo24

Slowly working through the sessions so you’re not struggling to breathe is the way to go. If you do find you’re struggling you can stop, let your breathing sort itself out and then press on 🙂👍

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