Graduate who needs to go back on plan

Oh dear! Today was the day (one week after graduation) that I decided to go outside. Off I went on a relatively short course. To be honest I didn't really have any expectation apart from giving it a go. I didn't time myself or record the mileage I just wanted to take it easy and see what happened. It was great to be outside and I did enjoy the rain and the scenery, but I just couldn't seem to run for any real length of time, it's like the last ten weeks haven't happened and I had no strength. I went for 20 mins or so with walking breaks and came home. Not content with having a decent run I then warmed my muscles up with some good stretches and off I went. Mentally I wasn't there because I was disappointed in my ability and as I ran my reoccurring groin strain came back. Deep in my right groin I get this horrid pain that just makes putting one leg in front of the other really hard. I tried going faster to run it through but no joy, I gave up....a really bad day all round really.

I think I'm going to go back a few weeks back on plan and see what happens, I really need the structure of working towards something and without it I just seem to flounder.

Hey no! Just cross thati did nine weeks without never ever once walking and now I'm supposed to be a graduate I can't seem to manage five mins


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3 Replies

  • Don't beat yourself up. I think we all flounder a bit when we finish because you lack the sense of purpose.

    Maybe repeat week 9 until the new podcasts come out which should be very soon hopefully!

    Your fitness will not have gone in this short time so once your groin feels better put those ear phones in and get on out there :)

    Something else you could do is a parkrun. That might help motivate you and you could always listen to the podcast as you are doing it if you want to.

    Good luck!

  • Why not try planning some new routes, mix them up so that you have 3 different ones for a week and use week 9 if you feel better having Laura with you. I think many of us have felt a bit deflated once we have finished the programme. Time your runs and check your distance, if you aren't covering 5K yet set that as your next goal. If you are managing 5K in 30 minutes congratulations your a speedy jogger in my opinion. So perhaps set yourself a goal to reduce your time. I really think that once we graduate we need something to aim for so set out that target.

    Good luck and remember one run that your not happy with does NOT make for failure, its not a perfect science just take a look at all the professsionals they don't get it spot on every time so why should we. :)

  • I've just got a groin injury over the last couple of days and it is SO frustrating, isn't it? I can barely walk today, let alone run.

    I think what the others have said is good advice.

    I would add make sure your groin is properly healed before you get out there again.

    I felt pain in my groin after stretching on Tuesday and stupidly ignored it and ran 9k on Friday.

    Good luck with your next goal x

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