Couch to 5K

Week 6 nearly beat me

But just completed run 3.



Breathless...strangely not

Calf pain...check

More of a lurch forward than a run...check

Feeling very proud of myself...check

Just need to up the pace. Only covered 2 miles so a long way to go to hit the target of 5 k in 30 mins. Did up the pace in the last 60 seconds and no way could I maintain that for any length of time.

If anybody had told me, or any of my family members, 6 weeks ago I would be running for 25 minutes I, and they, would've guffawed (is that even a word?!) loudly.

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Well done you, I've got that run on Monday so it's nice to hear of successful ones. You should be proud of yourself, because although this program is doable it's certainly not easy, or is that just me?

I think your pace sounds very good, especially at this stage. Think about it, you have 9 more long runs to do before the end and 5K in 30 mins so you will be that much fitter. Furthermore, I feel the time is more important than the pace, no point in being able to run fast if it's only for a short time, unless there is a lion after you!!!!

Good luck and well done again.


Thanks for your kind words. No, not just you. It is definitely not easy but so worth it!

Good luck on Monday.


I did week 6 run 3 a few hours ago. It is do-able, definitely. And I felt human again reasonably quickly.

Well done- it takes stamina and determination to get to this point!


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