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Headaches :(

I have just completed my second 25 minute run (W7R1),. I run very early so as not to scare the neighbours/wildlife, at about 5.45am. I probs have a glass of water throughout the night. When I shuffle back home I have 2 glasses of water then my cornflakes. Both times now, within about 4 hours I have had a headache, been a bit light sensitive, yawned loads then have had to sleep (good job I dont work0!

I have not had any problems on C25K before this and have completed every run, albeit very slowly. I looked on here earlier and saw that someone else with a headache problem had had to give up.

I really would appreciate your thoughts especially concerning hydration - am I drinking enough? Should I eat before I run even though it is so early?

By the way, I am fine now and feel I could go out again (I wont Laura, of course)

You lovely community of runners/shufflers are very important to me and I welcome your feedback. :)

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Exactly the same thing happened to me when I started to reach weeks 7 and 8, the longer runs, about 4 hours after a run I'd get a bad headache and start yawning. I was always drinking 500ml of water when I finished a run, and had a cup before I ran.

Turns out it's not the dehydration, but it's that you need to replace the electrolytes you've lost, I did quite a bit of research and now I drink a Powerade or Lucozade after each run and it has worked wonders, headaches and yawning gone completely! :)

There are other ways you can do it, I think adding a pinch of salt to some orange juice and there are electrolyte tablets you can buy which I am trying out, but a quick fix is a Powerade. Worked wonders for me, try it and hopefully it'll work for you too :)


Fantastic! Thankyou so much. I could cry with joy :D I did not want this to beat me so I will go for the power drinks. Iam really not good at handling disappointment!! I will report back. Thankyou :D


You're welcome :)

I know how you feel because I was thinking I may have to give up, but when I hit on the solution I was so happy :)


This has been happening to me too but I hadn't made the connection! Thank you so much also


These types of headaches have plagued me for the past 10 or so years, always put it down to dehydration. I'm a very warm-blooded overweight man so any sort of movement / walking / exercise would get me sweating loads.

I drank pints & pints of water but nothing solved it other than a cold shower and sleep.

But since doing the C25K, i've been having a pint of water & a pint of squash / juice after the run and I've been ok (touch wood) for the past 6 weeks, with no headaches (except the one day I had no squash!).

Regardless though, I'm going to check out these electrolyte tablets, thanks for the advice :)


Success!!! I drank a powerade drink straight after I got back from my run this morning and here we are 7 hours later and no headache :)

This is the miracle I was looking for! Thankyou again Minuette.

Now, about my calf .....:D


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