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Totally lost it!

I have battled through to week 6, then the last workout of the ween I just can't get past, I've tried it 5 times and still can only manage 14 minutes! I don't understand it as I've done the 20minute workout in week 5 and that was fine! But now I can't even get to 20! I decided today that I'd go back to week 5 and start from there again, but instead I've dawdled about on the Internet and had breakfast and just don't want to go anymore.

Where's my motivation gone??

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Get up and go, y'know, goes occasionally. Don't focus on it. Have a rest for a couple of days, maybe. When you're ready to going out again, move back to a week you know you can do (sounds like week 5) and go slowly. It'll come.


Thanks, that makes me feel a lot better -I'll give it another go later, hopefully I'll have picked up a bit then! :)


Stop beating yourself up. Just wait until you have got itchy feet. It will happen.


I had real problems with week 6 but you will get there. As Rhonal says stop beating yourself up, you can do this, just take your time and believe :)


It's good to hear that you felt the same and got through it - makes me more confident! Thank you!


It's been very hot this week which really seems to make running much harder work. Also, Week 6 is firmly established as a complete pig :-)

Trust me, you'll be fine. Have a day off, go back a bit if you like, or have another go at W6R3.

What about changing your route to make the run a bit more interesting? Or promising yourself a treat for completing the run? Or trying to run with your own music rather than the podcast just this once? All sorts of little things can help when you get a bit stuck.



Changing my route sounds like a great idea! Thank you for your advice I will definitely try them! Thanks :)


Give week 6 another go, Having followed the program so far you are definitely fit enough to do this bogey run at a slow pace, you have a mental block rather than a physical one.

Use a different route so your brain doesn't get any of the usual "ooh I get to here and I can't go any further" messages

Promise yourself before you set off that it doesn't matter how slowly you have to go you will continue to the end regardless of speed.

This means you may drop down to what you see as walking pace, but the important thing is to keep a running/jogging action/mindset however slow the pace. This will get you over the mental block, you can improve running speed in the later weeks


I think the music is a key thing. If you can sing along in your head to your own fav tunes its surprising how much further you can go - you are focusing on the sounds in your ears rather than what is happening around you. Download some that has a good running beat - might not be trendy! Great Balls of Fire is a great running beat - I can't spell rythym(?)!!


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