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little celebrations

not really a question, more a little bit of happy news, firstly i should of graduated this week (you will certainly hear about it when i do!) but have had to take few days out as the weather is really making it hard to run. its my birthday tomoro and i dont know if anyone has seen the newest ALDI ad, for "pimms" but if so, thats me!! it is a long chain of events but i can honestly say that without the running/ fitness I would not be on that ad. so am feeling very proud and excited even if graduating is taking me a little longer than i had anticipated.

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Ooohhh a celeb in our midst, well done you. :) Now get those running shoes on and back out there as soon as possible you are soon close to the finish line.


Watched the advert its brilliant and a classic!


Just seen it, well done, I love the aldi adverts. Don't know how you kept such a serious face!


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