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late starter to blogging and this site. Just finished W3 R3 and feeling good!

Had started C25K after talking about it for at least 6 months and eventually got my son to put it on to my ipod! Started on my own and actually completed it all so far without any cheating. Today my husband decided to join me,even though he is normally much fitter,he kindly ran at my pace....looking more like a walker rushing home!! Just wanted to say how encouraging everyone seems to be and reading them helps motivate.

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How far along the programme are you? Just nosey :)


Bit of a blogging idiot and replied as a comment!


W3 R3,just ran this evening. Getting a bit scared about next week, because it has been ok so far and wandering when it will be too tough and I will chicken out with an excuse! But managed others ok, so reasonably optimistic!


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