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Week 8 r3 and I did 5K...hate the heat though!

Well, I just do not do hot sunny weather. I have fair freckly skin that burns very easily and I just feel uncomfortable in the heat. I'm one of these miserable people who generally cannot wait for summer to be over.

Anyway my runs this week were on Sun (still cool weather then so great), Tues (I ran home from work at 7am straight after a 10hr night shift having not slept for over 24 hrs...not an easy run and at 7am I was far too hot) and this morning. So I got up at 5.30am to do the run. It was still very mild but not swealtering. So it looks like all my summer runs are going to be at the crack of dawn. It was a lovely time of day to be out though.

So I did wk8 r3 today. It took me a long time to feel anywhere near comfortable. I was ready to give up at the 1 mile mark. Whoever said that it's as much a mental challenge as physical was absolutley right. Infact it was only when Laura said '5 mins to go' that I felt I was into my stride. So I plodded on. I actually carried on for 2 more mins to make 30mins and I'd actually done 5.1k. I am ecstactic. I couldn't manage a sprint finish today but who cares!?

I'm looking out for any races that take place in from October onwards. I'm not looking for anything in the summer as I think I would just melt!

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