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W1 Run 1 (take two) :-(

So I tried running again last night. I've done lots of research and been doing various shin splint exercises. I also took painkillers, put ibruprofen gel on my shins and bandaged them up.

None of that helped and again I had to give up from the pain (only managed the 5 minutes brisk walk - and that was painful towards the end).

I probably need to get a gait analysis done but to be honest, I can't afford to fork out for expensive trainers.

Think I might give it a rest for a while and try again in a few months. :-(

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How about sticking to the walking and building up your leg muscles?

I think though if you're struggling that much you should see a physio or your doctor. The gait analysis did make a big difference for me, that and the ankle straps and tubi-grip ;-)


Thanks Crox.

Think I'm going to make a doctors appointment - see if I can get some physio (eventually!).

Feel quite defeated because I was quite looking forward to running. :-(


Most important, don't let it get you down, I've been doing this for 6 weeks now and I'm not even on week 2 of the programme ;-) I don't care I just keep plugging away and I'll start week 2 next week. All that matters to me is that my weight keeps going down and my fitness is going up. The shin splints nearly did me in at the end of my first week (when I was doing the warm up/cool down as normal, but with 30s running and 60 second walking).


Definitely go to the doctor and see if they can help! Hope your shin splints get better soon x


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