Couch to 5K

Back in Britain and back to Week 6

Well, I nearly made it to week 9! But after a week without running and a very tiring trip abroad, and despite completing week 8, I decided not to continue straight on to week 9 after all. I really couldn't face a 30 minute run this morning, so rather than fail and kick myself for it, I went back to W6R1.

It was a pleasant surprise to find that I could do the running sections much faster than I could have done a few weeks ago, and that I finished the walk/run in good, confident style despite the much warmer weather. I'll now build back up to week 9 again - who's in a hurry anyway?

The long, long drive across the Continent certainly proved one thing to me - my stamina HAS increased since I started C25K. Although tired after two long drives and an incredibly hectic week, I coped much better than I'd expected. Which just goes to show that even if you're weight is OK, you can still do with extra exercise!

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Good plan going back a bit especially when you find you can do it all better than you did first time round


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