Couch to 5K

So long week 3

Last run of week 3 today. I was really dreading today's run. 2 days off always makes me reluctant to go out again. I have tons of revision to do and the house is a certified tip so I was thinking how much I would rather just not bother. But I forced myself out and it was actually fine. Easy in fact. I didn't once have the feeling I usually get where my legs feel like they are too heavy to lit and the aches were minimal today. i think I need to get some properly fittted trainers but there's no way I havea budget for them at the moment so will have to keep on as I am. When i graduate that can be my treat to myself. So that's week 3 over, can hardly believe that I ran 3 minutes this week when 2 weeks ago 60 seconds left me feeling like I was about to drop down haha

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Well done, glad to hear it gets a bit easier at the end of week three! Also, it's really easy to make excuses (my house is always a tip!) but ultimately you'll feel better for going :)


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