Couch to 5K

W1 R1 & 2

Just discovered this site today, so blogging after the fact about runs 1 and 2.

I am overweight, but have a reasonable level of fitness already, though I've never really been much of a runner. I can cycle for hours, climb stairs, whatever, but running has always defeated me. I was looking for a change in my exercise routine, so I thought I'd give this a go.

I found runs 1 and 2 to be fine. Some muscle ache in my legs the next day after 1, but nothing after 2.

For an additional challenge, I'm going to be on vacation for weeks 3-5, so it will be hard to keep up with the programme, but I'm planning on how to persevere!

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Best of luck to you :)


Thank you!


Hi Bloodofareptile, welcome to C25K runners galore. This is a fabulous site I just wish I had found it sooner so your one up on me. Also you have chosen well for a new exercise, well lets face it, you already have trainers, legs that move well and now you can explore the streets, pavements and parks of your area.

Good luck and don't stick while on holiday, take your stuff with you and get a change of scenery, it was great fun for me while I was in Mexico, rather hot though :D


Ah, I'm planning to try to stick to it - my worry is how packed our holiday is! And how exhausted I'm going to be! :-p


I loved running while on holiday - new scenery made it really special.


I'm planning to try to stick to it - I'm just worried by how packed the holiday is for the first two weeks! I'm trying to book in days now to do it though, so hopefully the temptation to leave it will be lessened.

I'm going to be knackered though, so we'll see!


I prefer running in the mornings so I just got up really early to run - because it was so early and peaceful, I got to see rabbits hopping across the footpath, a heron in flight over the river and the sun rising - a wonderful start to any day :-)


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