Couch to 5K


I am now at graduation plus six weeks and still managing 3 runs per week but experimenting with what those should be. I know from advice on here about upping speed that one should probably be intervals. I know others have gone back to the week one podcast and done it as run/ jog after graduation but I didn't fancy going back to the podcast music-ok the first time but no inclination to hear it again!

So for the last couple of weeks I've just been running faster and slower on one run as I felt the need but with no particular timings. It has been OK but tonight I finally admitted that the podcast with the timed intervals is going to be the only way to make proper progress.

So, got it back on the ipod and decided that I would run my very first ever route once again which I haven't done since completing week one as I like a bit of variety and am luck to have it where I live.

Well, off I went jogging the walk bits and running as fast as I could manage on the run bits (admittedly some intervals faster than others and one walk bit was done at a walk....)

But here's the gobsmacking bit- at last I hear you say- I had to go round the route 3 times before the podcast was finished- 3 times!! OMG- just 15 weeks ago I was crying with relief when Laura said you're done at the end of one circuit!

So for all those of you starting out who are not sure about this programme and who feel you'll never get through it the message is that you will do it and your own personal gobsmacking moment to show you just how far you've come is out there just waiting for you.

:) :)

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Hey thanks for posting! That was great to read :-) I've just started W3 and am starting to feel a bit like maybe, maybe I am a runner. It's just amazing to me that this C25K works as well as it does.


Wow shows your great progress


There's a bit in my garden where I did week one and I look at that often and remember how I felt like collapsing to the ground. Over a period of time it is amazing how much more you can do! All the hard work pays off :) I'm glad you had a gobsmacking moment.


He he, I have a field that's symbolic to me of my original (un)fitness - I could barely run along one side at the start and last week (a couple of weeks after graduation) I ran all the way round it at the end of a long run, because I didn't feel like I'd had enough!!! Unbelievable!

Thx for posting this - lovely to think back to how far we've come and a great idea re run/jogging the pod casts again - think that's a go-er for me as I'd been wondering how to improve my speed; have been doing the same as you had with my own music and randomly varying speed (or lack of it!). Thx for sharing!


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