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A good start to week 6

I don't know why, but this felt like one of the easiest runs so far. I was debating the whole day wheater or not to go out. Initially I wanted to run yesterday, but it was raining. Then I thought, what if it rains today too? Then I would have to do two runs on two following days. It was raining today, but by the time I came home, it stopped. Lucky me!

I covered 4,77 km today and turned around in the exact middle of the 8 minute run. And it felt so easy today! It always takes a few meters to get the moves right but once I'm running, I'm running and everything feels right. I seem to run faster (no idea if I was. It felt that way), I conciously speed up during the last 60 seconds of the middle run, and I recovered really quickly between the runs. 3 minutes sounds very little, but it really was more than enough! I even ran a bit further during the cooldown walk and didn't mind at all. It felt so good and I'm still amazed at how far I've come since the very first run.

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Hi SuZi, that's good to hear - well done! I just did week 5 run 2 today. Feeling slightly nervous about the 20 minuter and then just been reading lots of posts about how week 6 is really hard, so your blog post has lifted my spirits!


Hi! I was nervous about the 20 minutes too. But for me it really was about willpower. Just thinking "No, you are not giving up now! You'll be annoyed with yourself if you do!" or maybe picking the next lamppost/tree to go to etc.

Just push through and if you did, you'll feel amazing! Good luck!


I'm in exactly the same place as you. W5R3 tomorrow. 20 minutes!! From 8 to 20! Seems crazy to try but try I will.....good luck to you. Glad to know there are others at the same spot as me.


Thanks for the support ladies - I am doing it tomorrow so I'll let you know how it goes! How did the 20 minuute run go, MichiganGal?


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