Week7R3 - glad to see the back of you!

I always read the blogs about the week i'm about to do, so set off on W7R1 fairly optimistic as most seem to say that by now you get into a rhythm. Also, I loved week6 - my best week probably. I was on a real high on those runs, then wham!

I hated every single run on W7 and today I think I hated every single minute of the run. It was only the thought that I'd have to do it again that got me to the end. I cant even say it was the pace - tho' it was slightly faster than the other two runs - I'm on track to do 5k in 42 minutes, that is if I can keep going that long!

Got home, picked myself up & now feel great, I'm full of energy. But week7 has been like beating your head against a brick wall - its great when you stop!

Here's hoping week8 will be better.

2 Replies

  • You made it through and you're still smiling! Well done :)

  • thank you! Fingers crossed W8 will be better....

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