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Sunday sunny day-Bugatti Veyron

This was W5R2. 6am on Sunday and a lovely clear morning for my weekly venture outside. I was a bit worried about running for 8 minutes at a time, but I had carefully chosed a DOWNhill section as part of the run (is this cheating?) and although it was a bit muddy, the run was otherwise fairly reasonable. I enjoyed seeing the wildlife, and I felt really bouncy after the run. Particularly when my malfunctioning runkeeper app informed me that I had covered 5.82 K in 4 seconds. FOUR seconds? That is faster than a Bugatti Veyron, my 12 year old son's car of choice (dream-on boy!). I am going to have to sort out this app. When I use it on the treadmill it thinks I'm not moving at all. Still, it has made for a rather unbeatable personal best in terms of speed. Quite nervous about W5R3 on the treadmill.

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sounds like a great run and NO it's not cheating chosing a downhill section for part of the run. i call it good planning!


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