Couch to 5K

Week 8 run 1 done yippee

I did week 8 run 1 first thing this morning but kept on running for 30 minutes. I knew it was a slower time than previous ones because its a bit windy out this morning, at least the rain stayed off until I got home.

Enjoyed it anyway and did the suggestions of deep belly breathing and pumping arms help when going up hill?, OH YES, so thanks for advice guys.

Doing both of these meant that as I got to more level path I was not so out of breath which was hard to recover from so early in my run before.

Just checked my distance and and covered 4.29K or flat equivalent 4.53K so if I can keep the pace going should be able to cover 5K in 34 minutes (I hope). Got another 2 runs of week 8 to try and improve on it too.

Feeling quite pleased with myself this morning and also want to say:

"I'm sorry if I'm rabbiting on but didn't know about this forum when I did the C25K last year so was very much alone, only had hubby to tell my achievements to" Its such a good feeling that you need to share with others and I'm so pleased I found this site last weekend.

I'll leave you all in peace now and go and have a shower, have a good run when your next out everyone.

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great news! well done :)


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