Couch to 5K

Week 7, run 3

So I left it a few extra days between runs this week, because I hurt my leg playing badminton, and because I had an operation this week as well, and I felt much better for it! I really struggled on run 2 this week, and I had to do it twice to finish it! But run 3 was a breeze, and I am looking forward to week 8, started listening to my own music as well, which I think can help a lot, does anyone else do this?

The countdown is now on for my Race for Life run;


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Well done for doing it. :) Be careful listening to your own music... I found I got odd looks from others in the park and was horrified to realise not only was I singing along, I was also throwing my arms around like Rocky at the top of those steps!! I also ran too quick to begin with, this combined with me busting my moves left me struggling towards the end of my run :) Gone are those days where I cared what other people thought!


Oh yeah, I definitely found myself singing along to Destiny's Child, do I care? Oh hell no! With you on the running too fast though, and so with you on the not caring on what other people think :)


:) My brother bought me the Now That's What I Call Running cd, I think love songs would have better suited my pace ;)


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