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On a rest day, don't try a cheeky 2.5k!

Big mistake yesterday. After running 5k in 32 minutes on Tuesday, I felt so good that I thought I would time myself over 1.5 miles (my original aim before starting). Thinking that it was only half the distance, I figured I was able to push even harder and run around 5:00/km. Maybe I can after a suitable rest, but yesterday I certainly couldn't. It was the first time since week 6 where I had to walk a portion, and even produced my first mouthful of vomit 2/3s of then way round. Having said that, my 2.5k pace was still around my pace of the previous day. I think I'll consolidate my 5k pace before trying that again!!

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I'm quite a fan of rest day running but I never try for any records.

I think it depends what works for you, but I would advise shorter slower runs or dropping back to an earlier podcast for a shorter runs, on rest days.

Good luck.


Yep.. Probably not your best run to date! But it was still a run, and a good lesson to learn !


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