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A good start to Week 5

Today was the latest I've run so far. After coming home from work at 8.45pm I went straight into my trainers. Due to it getting darker with every minute I had to change my route from the woods to a pavement run. I combined the routes of the last weeks and ran next to the lake for some time before getting out onto the road and the same route I ran in Week 1 of my trial in January. It's a main road and thus has street lights. Not the rule around here ;)

The runs themselves went great. It was easy to time when to turn around thanks to Laura's "half-way there" comment during the second 5-minute run. Turned around and made it home with the last seconds of the warm-down walk.

During the runs I noticed two things in particular:

1) Before starting run 2 I was thinking "Hey, I don't feel that exhausted and could easily start running now" (that was maybe 2- 2,5 min into the walking bit). And then during the third run Laura said something along the lines of how she noticed she recovered faster between runs by this time of the plan. Same here! And yay!

2) I feels much easier to run for longer periods. My body seems to be moving without me thinking about it. The second that thought popped into my head, it felt like "work" again. Thanks, brain! Also on the last run I thought that the walking "interferred" with the running; meaning that it felt very natural to run and I could have gone on for some time more. Okay, if I could that'st he question. it just felt like it. This makes me very confident about the prospect of running 8 minutes in two days!

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Hey congrats! I did run 2 of week 5 today and I'm feeling the same as you :)


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