Couch to 5K

W8R1 complete but with two still counts right?!?!

So I'm back today after taking a week off to rest a minor leg, not so much injury as an annoyance. I ended up having to walk for a minute or two at two different times, but still ended up running for the full 28 minutes. Here's what I've learned so far:

-Staying hydrated everyday is key. If I'm not hydrated properly, I suffer leg pain and stitches.

-I can't run with a buddy. No good comes from talking and running.

-Eating right the day before a run is also key.

-Listen to my body, it will tell me if I should or shouldn't run.

-28 minutes really isn't that long.

-Even though I have asthma, I can still run.

-Running is awesome and I'm so glad I'm a runner.

That is all. :D

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Great insights! It's amazing what we can learn when we listen to our bodies! I like your last point best... My feelings too.


"Running is awesome and I'm so glad I'm a runner." I couldn't agree more! We're doing so well to have got to this stage (I'm about to go on my W8 R1 run this lunchtime).


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