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W5R3, second go at 20 mins, should I be worried about week 6?

After losing W5R2 from my i.pod I did W5R3 for the 2nd time today. Got through it but not getting any faster. (i'm sure I was almost walking at one point!). I've been reading the comments on week 6 and feeling unsure about breaking up the time again.....but my T.Shirt and info for 5k race for life arrived today so I've got no excuses to give up now! Bit worried that the 5k is mostly on grass and i'm used to paths -think I might struggle if its soggy.

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Don't worry about week 6, you will be able to do it. Just take it at your own pace. Try getting out to the site where you'll be running race for life and have a run round - chances are the parkrun will be conducted there, so you sould be able to get an idea what the 5k will be like.

Don't worry about your pace, it will increase with time - I've still yet to hit a 30min 5k - I'm doing it in 51mins.

Keep at it, you'll be suprised at what you can do

L xx


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