Week 7 - yes, really!

As I said in a previous blog post, I thought I was going to have to repeat week 6. I simply couldn't imagine running for 25 minutes every time. But I've now done it twice this week - hooray! I'm even starting to run to the beat of the music, rather than shuffling along at a somewhat slower pace.

When I first started the programme, I tried to run in secret for reasons I shan't bore you with. Last week, however, I was rumbled by the postman. Since our outrageously gossipy rural postman is also known to all and sundry as "News Of The World", it wasn't long before the news spread - the Mad Dogwoman is running! Once the word was out, there was no need for me to turn back before I reached the nearest village anymore, so I've taken the advice of others and found a slightly different route to alleviate the boredom of trudging up and down the lane which runs past my house.

The first attempt to find a slightly different route worked out fine. Just after reaching the half-way mark, I spotted a footpath running along the river and back towards the village - ideal! OK, I did find myself with a long walk back when I reached the end of the run long before I got home, but worse things happen. Same thing happened today, with a detour required to avoid the young bullocks which had now been put into the field through which the footpath runs. They were so surprised to see me that I managed to sprint past them and out the gate before they gave chase - couldn't have done that a few weeks ago!

Will need to find an alternative route on Friday, ideally one which doesn't dump me in the middle of nowhere with a long walk home. But hey, much to my surprise, I'm actually managing week 7!

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  • Good for you, sounds like your doing very well, running outside is interesting and glad your finding different routes. Have done most of mine on a treadmill but determined to get outside now I've graduated, hope the rain holds off!

  • This made me laugh, with the bullocks and the postman! Who would have imagined running could be fun? I'm also surprised to find myself in W7 - unlike you, I did repeat W6 and found it bloody hard second time around! I think it just goes to show how much being able to do this is in the mind, not the legs.

  • To avoid such dangers I mapped a couple of routes out on runmyroute.com, I find this one much more user friendly than map my run.

    Well done on not being trampled.

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