Week 4 run 3 a

Today was a little experimental, I haven't failed but learned a lot, today's run had been postponed from Monday due to a knee problem. I thought it was a running injury, and it turns out that running was possibly only partly to blame, my 'injury' was fat pad impingement, or Hoffa's pad impingement, basically the little pad of fat behind the knee cap had been pinched by my knee cap due to my hyper mobile joints (and me committing the cardinal sin of putting my feet up). The docs advice was to that running may have exacerbated the problem and to prevent future problems suggested also cross training to strenghthen my ankles, hips and knees and maybe run on a treadmill for some of my runs to reduce the impact. Fortunately my problem was only mild as this problem can apparently be agonisingly painful and can last for weeks. So armed with knee supports, I ventured out.

I usually run first thing in the morning and today had a really busy schedule so couldn't manage to fit it in until after 6pm, so this I was also quite nervous of, running while knackered after a busy day! Then to add insult to injury, I persuaded my 11 year old daughter to come along too, where I thought this was a good idea I now know better, she managed the first 3 runs but insisted on talking instead of breathing and couldn't manage the 4th! I would have carried on determined but gave in to her and walked most of the last run :( so I will be repeating today's run on Friday. All in all not a success but definitely not a failure either

Lesson one, don't put my feet up with my knees unsupported

Lesson two, protect my knees when running

Lesson three, stick to my morning runs for now

Lesson four, give the dreaded cross trainer a go

Lesson five, leave children at home!

I intend to start littley on week one of C25k so she can keep up with mummy!


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  • Sounds like a jolly useful day all round ! :-)

    Hope you have a good run on Friday.

  • I love your attitude.

    Positive thinking is one of the things you have to get on this program, and you have it already!

    Also, you have realised you are' learning' how to run for 30 minutes, and well done for learning from your experience today instead of thinking you 'failed' and moaning about it!!! :)

    I know you are going to graduate,,,,keep going and keep us posted :)

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