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Advice required re on a week of not running - please!

So over the Easter period all my other sport stopped and I got in the habit of running every other day – during that time I reached my graduation (30 mins) and my ran two 5ks (43mins each) – but now everything has started up again tennis lessons, circuits classes etc, I have less time/ energy to run. Also this coming weekend I am cycling from Barnstaple to Plymouth with a friend (87 miles over 3 days) and so last weekend did a fairly hefty hilly 38mile bike ride.

All this stuff has meant I’ve not run! Eeek – am I going to lose my running powers?! I am not sure I can fit a run in this week (still have a tennis lesson tonight and a cricket team practice tomorrow then we pedal off on Saturday!

All ideas/ advice welcome?!



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Don't worry about it!

You don't want to over do it. A week off is not going to affect your ability, especially considering that you are doing other exercise to maintain your fitness.

Good luck with your bike ride and make sure you rest up after :)


Crikey! Seems to me you'd be hard pressed to fit anything in!!!! Don't worry, You sound Uber fit :)


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